Who we are

We are the Green University Group at RWTH Aachen University. We study everything RWTH has to offer, from civil engineering and biology to computer science and industrial engineering. In addition to our studies, we are committed to green issues at the university.

We are represented in the campusgrün network, the association of all Green university groups.

You have questions that we couldn’t answer here? Would you like to come to one of our meetings without obligation? Just get in touch with us via our contact form 🙂

The Group

This is the Green University Group 2022, see if you know anyone! Not all of us are in the photo, but all of us are committed to sustainability, climate protection, social justice and much more. And many of us are not “only” active in the GHG, but also in the AStA, in the student councils or in (student) initiatives. We are also very well networked: at the university, in the city council and even in the state and federal parliaments.