Bike Activity Day on June 18 – come and join us!


As part of the „Naachhaltigkeitstage“ (Sustainability Days) 2021, organized by the AStA of RWTH, FH and KatHo, the bike activitie day will take place on Friday, June 18, 2021. Below you will find a list of all the actions that will be offered on this day.

The offer is aimed at all big and small cyclists and those who want to become one. Due to the pandemic, there are still some hygiene requirements to follow, such as wearing mouth-to-nose coverings at the various locations.

To create an incentive for all participants to visit all actions and to pedal properly, the app of the Aachen startup „RydeUp“ is used, which is also already used for the campaign „Aachen erradeln“. If you use the app and take part in the campaign, which is created especially for this day, you can take part in a raffle at the end if you successfully complete the so-called challenges and win prizes, such as Mensa vouchers from the Studierendenwerk, prizes from the city of Aachen, STAWAG or fan articles from Alemannia Aachen. There will be various challenges for the day, but some will also be open a little longer beyond that, so be excited!

You can also find all the information on the Instagram accounts of the @astarwth and the @naachhaltigkeitstage2021

What? Open bicycle workshop for self-repair

Where? On the forecourt of the SuperC

When? 06/18/2021 from 2pm to 6pm

Who? Bicycle Workshop of the AStA of the RWTH

At the beginning of the „Reallabor Templergraben“ (reality lab) we will open the bicycle workshop of the AStA of the RWTH on the forecourt of the Super C for one day. There you can repair your bike on your own in cooperation with engaged students, but you will get lots of help in the form of tools and expertise from our project leaders.

Due to the pandemic situation, there will be some limitations. For example, registration, even on short notice, is required, as well as the wearing of a mouth/nose protection.

During the Reallabor, which starts on June 18, the Templergraben in the area in front of the university buildings SuperC and main building will be car-free. Bus and bike traffic will not be affected, or even positively affected, by this. Events and actions like this one are intended to promote a vibrant campus center and create a place for everyone to hang out. The Reallabor Templergraben is the result of years of effort by committed citizens who have set themselves the long-term goal of a car-free inner ring. In particular, the efforts of the student initiative Uni.Urban.Mobil should be mentioned here.

What? Cargo bike training.

Where? Plane Tree Square at Templergraben

When? 06/18/2021 from 5 to 6 pm

Who? AStA of RWTH in collaboration with the city of Aachen and Madame Cargo

Another sustainable mobility event will be the cargo bike training. Here students and interested people can learn how to handle a cargo bike so as not to endanger themselves or other road users (at this point a little shoulder look to some car drivers). Those who don’t own a cargo bike but still want to participate can borrow one on site from Madame Cargo, a local dealer. The training itself will be conducted by a trainer of the city of Aachen and will be strongly based on a proven concept of recent years. 

What? „Taster course“-Bike training 

Where? Verkehrswacht traffic training area, Hohenstaufenallee 3

When? 18.06.2021 from 2pm to 6pm

Who? Verkehrswacht Aachen e.V. (traffic patrol)

We believe: all children and adults should have the opportunity to learn to ride a bike! We also believe that road safety is essential! Therefore, we are very pleased that the „Verkehrswacht Aachen“ has agreed to offer a taster course for everyone from young to old in parallel with our actions on 18.06. There will be a wide range of activities from exercises to information about traffic safety and a course. So check this out too and take away some great experiences!

This offer is explicitly also aimed at children and young people, but of course participants of all ages are encouraged to take part in the actions of the „Verkehrswacht“.

What? Booths from Uni.Urban.Mobil, Velocity and MadameCargo

Where? at Templergraben

When? 06/18/2021 from 2pm

A variety of booths will be set up to provide information about different aspects of bicycle mobility in Aachen.

What? Bicycle tour of the Melaten campus

Where? Start and finish at Templergraben

When? 06/18/2021 at 2 pm is the start

Who? City of Aachen

At 2 p.m., the bike tour starts via the bike priority route Campus Melaten. Points can also be collected here for the „RydeUp“ challenges.